Welcome to our law office Warsaw

We created our law office Warsaw to provide assistance in the complicated world of legal acts. We strive to meet the highest legal and commercial standards. In order to assure complex assistance we cooperate with external experts in the following fields: tax law, penal law and pharmaceutical law. We have won trust of many through our individual approach and client-orientated solutions. We serve our clients in Polish, English and French.

Our practice includes:

  • Corporate legal services – we provide regular and ad hoc legal service to entrepreneurs who would like to establish a new legal entity or already operate in a form of a company (partnership), a branch of a foreign entrepreneur, self-employed individual (one-man business activity) // We advise parties to corporate disputes and represent them in proceedings
  • Labour law – we advise in cases concerning termination of employment contract, non-competition agreement, overtime pay, mobbing, harassment, appeal against Social Security Office’s decision, State Labour Inspectorate’s controls
  • Litigation – we represent you before courts and administrative institutions; we prepare the following court documents: statement of claims, statement of defense, objection to order of payment, appeal, suit to administrative court, subsidiary indictment
  • Commercial matters / Tax – you can count on us in the following matters: lack of a payment for invoice, order for a payment, complaint, loan, lease, sale // We have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating agreements // We draft motions for tax interpretation, we advise on tax optimization
  • Start-up – young entrepreneurs – we advise and help to take the first steps in business
  • Family law – we assist you in divorce, alimony, inheritance, custody cases
  • Penal and fiscal penal law – we act as your defense counsel in the case of detention, interrogation, arrest, offence, crime, fiscal crime
  • Assistance to foreigners – we help foreigners in obtaining stay permit and work permit, we assist before the administrative offices, we explain how the law in Poland works – what are your obligations and rights
  • Training session – we organize training sessions for employers, employees and entrepreneurs.




  • Establishment and registration of a company, branch, branch of foreign entrepreneur, representative office, association, foundation, representative office of a foreign foundation
  • Registration of business activity (as a self-employed individual)
  • Representation before Court Register (KRS), Tax Office (US), Social Security Office (ZUS), Statistical Office (GUS)
  • Founding association, foundation, chamber of commerce
  • Preparation of civil partnership agreement (partnership with lack of legal personality)
  • Founding, combining, merging, dividing, transforming commercial companies
  • Liquidation of a company or a branch
  • Daily assistance of companies
  • Amending Company’s Articles of Association or Statutes
  • Preparation of resolutions of company’s corporate bodies
  • Preparation of minutes from the meetings of corporate bodies (Shareholder’s Meetings; Supervisory Board Meetings)
  • Appointment and dismissal of members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board
  • Increasing and decreasing of share capital
  • Sale of shares in company
  • Consumer bankruptcy
  • We will help you in drafting and understanding any contract or document connected with running a business or a company: sale agreement, lease agreement, specified task agreement, mandate agreement, loan agreement, agreement on sale of real estate, guarantee agreement, donation agreement, construction works agreement, agreement on advertising spot, service agreement, cooperation agreement, sponsoring agreement, agency agreement, developer agreement, agreement on transfer of copy rights, agreement on IT service, non-disclosure agreement, frame agreement, recruitment services agreement
  • rules on promotion and lottery
  • B2B platform documentation (rules of the internet service, rules on using the internal system of commercial site, privacy policy, documentation concerning processing of personal data, procedure and standards of personal data protection
  • privacy policy and instruction on managing the IT system used for processing of personal data
  • support and assistance in negotiations
  • assistance in terminating agreements or finishing cooperation
  • preparation of declaration on submission to execution
  • assistance in securing the payment of granted loan
  • choice of the most beneficial and adequate legal form of operation (stat-ups)
  • analysis and drafting agreements on investment
  • Daily legal assistance of start-ups


  • Assistance in preparation of the process of terminating employment contract by notice, without notice (disciplinary termination for cause), my signing mutual termination agreement – drafting or reviewing the documents, acting on behalf of the employer in meetings with employees aiming at termination of their contracts, negotiating the terms of dismissal
  • providing advice in the case of employee’s long-term absence due to sickness, holidays connected with maternity and taking care of the child
  • Restructuring of employment – group lay-offs
  • Acting on behalf of the employer in contacts with trade unions
  • Analysis, reviewing, preparation of collective bargaining agreements, agreements with trade unions or works council
  • Preparation of rules on election and operating of works council
  • Drafting employment contract, cooperation agreements, service agreements, contracts for performance of specific task, on entrusting employer’s property with basic level employees and officers
  • Drafting non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements
  • Analysis of a possibility of engaging an individual under civil law contract, preparation and reviewing of civil law contracts (contract of mandate, contract for specific task, service or cooperation agreement)
  • Preparation and reviewing workplace rules, remuneration and bonus rules, workplace social benefit fund rules, business trips rules, fair treatment by-laws (anti-harassment)
  • Analysis and designing the forms of motivating and remunerating employees (drafting and reviewing of remuneration and bonus rules)
  • Optimization of employees’ working time – managing working time, overtime, adjusting working hours to a given type of work
  • Due diligence analysis of employment related documentation
  • Preparation and conducting transfer of part undertaking or its part; harmonization of working terms after the transfer
  • Personal data protection; entrusting processing of personal data
  • Representation before Social Security Office; drafting appeal against Social Security Office decision



If you were fired please contact us immediately! We will help you negotiate a farewell on good terms!

  • Negotiating the terms of termination of cooperation with employer (the manner of termination of employment, the value of the severance payment, the payment of monetary equivalent for unused vacation, release from the obligation to perform work)
  • Reviewing of employment offer, intentional letter an individual received from potential or future employer
  • Reviewing and drafting employment contract, cooperation agreements, service agreements, contracts for performance of specific task, on entrusting employer’s property
  • Advise in the case of starting new job while being bound by a non-compete agreement or non-solicitation agreement with former employer
  • Assisting employees being on or returning from sick leave, maternity leave or other leaves connected with parenthood (sick allowance, maternity allowance, reducing the working time, protection against dismissal)
  • Advising in cases concerning payment of a bonus or overtime pay
  • Advising on harassment, including sexual harassment and mobbing cases
  • Representation before the Social Security Office, drafting appeal against Social Security Office decision
  • Obtaining work permit and residence card
  • Obtaining European Blue Card (residence and work permit)
  • Assisting in legalizing stay – temporary and long-term residence stay permit
  • Representation before the court and offices



  • We represent employees and employers in employment related court disputes, including:
  • Appeal against termination of employment contract – appeal against termination by notice, appeal against disciplinary termination, appeal against termination based on mutual termination agreement – demand for reinstatement to work or compensation
  • Claim for payment of due remuneration for overtime work
  • Claim for compensation or relief for unfair treatment, including harassment, sexual harassment or mobbing
  • Claim for establishment of employment relationship in the case of engagement based on civil law contract
  • Claim for correcting job certificate
  • Claim for compensation for observing a ban on competitive activity
  • Assistance in drafting court motions and representation in the court in the following cases:
  • Divorce
  • Alimony – establishing/ increasing/ decreasing alimony
  • Establishing / denying fatherhood
  • Inheritance cases – acquisition of inheritance, rejecting inheritance
  • Participation in and representation in interrogation by the Police or public prosecutor
  • Appeal against detention and temporary arrest
  • Compensation and relief in the case of definitely unjustified temporary arrest

Training Session

We organize training sessions for officers and employees concerning everyday employment-related matters. We will be happy to conduct a training session concerning a subject you find interesting or a problem which you face on a daily basis. The exemplary training session subject is:

  • Fair treatment in employment – how to avoid the issue of unfair treatment, harassment and mobbing in the work place?
  • How to part with an employee on good terms?
  • The most frequent mistakes one makes in termination documents.
  • Forms of employment and cooperation – legal and tax aspects.


Contact details:
Adwokat Magda Słomska Kancelaria Adwokacka 
Address: ul. Łucka 20 lok. 1203, 00-845 Warszawa
A meeting is possible after a prior arrangement
e-mail: kancelaria@adwokat-slomska.pl
tel.: +48531008823




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